Domenico Palombo was born in Termoli on 28th February 1947 froma painters, decorators and restorers’ family.

The granfather and the father, esteemed artisans of the Molise, lived and worked in the region and the city of Campobasso has dedicated a street to their names. Domenico Palombo follows their traces restoring with then ancient churches, including paintings, frescoes, furniture, statues and gilding.

He moved to Milano and worked for several years in Lombardia inscribing himself in the roll of the artisans and becoming restoring Master. In 1980 is invited in Australia and collaborated to the restoration of the most important museums.In Melbourne and Adelaide took place the first exhibitions of his paintings.

His work enters in the abstract expressionism current. In 1990 he returns in Italy showing his works in important galleries of Milano, Bergamo and Spoleto; his exhibitions take place in France, Germany and USA; in 1984 partecipates in “biennale di Venezia”

In 1994 takes part in the “centro Civico of Turante” (Como), promoting various artist works and involving young people and children. He received several commissions(restorations and paintings) from the same commune. In 1997 Domenico Palombo is invited in Arabia to fresco the Palace of the king Faad, regent of Arabia.

Now he lives in Laureana Cilento (Sa) where he has opened an art gallery and a restoration laboratory.